Algolux Ion Platform

Industry’s First Platform for Autonomous Vision System Design & Implementation

Eos Deep Learning Technology

Atlas Camera Optimization Suite
Optimizes Camera Architectures
Objective IQ
Natural IQ
Computer Vision
Eos Perception Software
Delivers Industry-best Perception Accuracy
Single Camera Perception
Multi Camera Perception
Multi Sensor Fusion
End-to-End Perception
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Eos Perception Software

  • Delivers industry-leading robustness and accuracy across all conditions
  • Supports any sensor configuration through end-to-end deep learning approach
  • Provides flexible implementation path for single-camera to multi-sensor fusion perception architectures
  • Reduces vision system BoM costs and power
  • Achieves 30% - 50%+ better accurate than alternatives in low light and adverse weather
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Delivering the Most Robust Autonomous Vision Across All Architectures

Atlas Camera Tuning Suite

  • Accelerates camera tuning and time to revenue from many months to weeks or days
  • Reduces risk with a scalable and predictable metric-driven methodology
  • Achieves optimal tuning for any camera component configuration
  • Automates the impossible task of camera tuning for computer vision
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