Our mission is to empower vision systems with the most robust perception technology for all conditions.

Algolux is an AI software company providing the industry’s most robust computer vision and image optimization technologies, addressing both existing cameras and new designs through cloud-based tools and embedded software.

Our patented approaches significantly improve system accuracy and effectiveness, while reducing the risks associated with program costs, time-to-market, and scalability. Developed by a distinguished team of researchers and engineers, Algolux has repeatedly been recognized for innovation at the world’s most important industry and academic conferences.


Drive Capital

Drive Capital invests in innovative technology, healthcare, and consumer companies in the Midwest. They are looking for innovative entrepreneurs addressing big market opportunities. Their goal is to partner with entrepreneurs that have audacious goals and strive to build large sustainable companies. https://www.drivecapital.com/

Generation Ventures

Generation Ventures is the venture arm of Generation Capital, a family office based in Toronto, Canada. Through Generation Ventures, we fund leading VCs in Canada, the US and China, and we make a commensurate amount of direct investments. Generation Ventures is managed by a multi-disciplinary team that supports our active investment posture. https://www.generationventures.com/

GM Ventures

General Motors Ventures formed to identify, engage and build relationships with other venture capital firms, technology-based companies and individuals. https://www.gmventures.com/

Intact Ventures

Intact Ventures is focused on investing and partnering with companies that are redefining the property & casualty landscape with innovative business models and new technology. Building relationships with ground-breaking companies will enable us to accelerate our learning, design smarter products, and leverage unique technology. In return, we will support the growth of these companies by providing them with access to our expertise and talent. We want to ensure that we continue to lead in a fast-paced industry to serve the best interests of our customers, as well as our portfolio of companies and partners. https://www.intactfc.com

Playground Global

Playground Global is a venture firm and product studio created to support the entrepreneurs navigating the next frontier of technology and building the companies and industries of tomorrow. Robotics is a core part of the firm’s portfolio. https://playground.global/

Real Ventures

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TandemLaunch is a unique startup foundry based in Montreal. We handpick talented individuals who join our program without a team or an invention; less than two years later, they leave with a funded technology startup. We select the world’s best aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Together, we identify real-world problems with our industry partners, source defensible inventions from universities across the globe and help co-founders meet each other. We provide modern office space with access to IT infrastructure, meetings rooms and shared labs for electronics, mechanical or chemical prototyping. We offer comprehensive mentoring, education, daily hands-on operational support and significant financing. https://www.tandemlaunch.com/