Algolux optimizes computer vision systems

Algolux specializes in computational imaging, the intersection of computer vision, image processing, photography and graphics. Algolux graduated from technology accelerator TandemLaunch in 2014.

Cameras are finding their way into an increasing number of industries and products. New designs are being driven by novel sensors and complex imaging algorithms. Whether the cameras are in smartphones, vehicles, drones or IoT connected products, there is an unending challenge of integrating optics, sensors, imaging processors and computer vision tasks. Tuning each of these heterogeneous systems is a critical step towards ensuring system performance. However this requires expertise that is hard to come by and may not be core to a vendor’s resourcing strategy.

At Algolux, our mission is to enable autonomous vision – empowering cameras to see more clearly and perceive what cannot be sensed with today’s imaging and vision systems. As traditional imaging and computer vision systems converge, tuning for image quality is becoming more complex, costly, and resource-hungry. We address this opportunity with two offerings based on our patented optimization technology CRISP (Computationally Reconfigurable Imaging Signal Platform): CRISP-ML, our machine learning platform that optimizes computer vision systems for image quality; and CRISP-EC, our revolutionary ISP that optimizes for image quality.

Taking this one step further, we envision a world where traditional ISPs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Using deep learning, we have conceived a unified neural architecture that integrates the image formation model (optics, sensor) with the high level computer vision model. CANA, our Camera-Aware Neural Architecture, shows results that provide a significant improvement in computer vision accuracy without an ISP or the deep imaging expertise required today.