AutoSens Brussels

Brussels, Belgium

Event date: September 15, 2021
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The world’s foremost meeting of automotive engineers working to improve automotive imaging and vehicle perception for production vehicles

The 2021 agenda will feature up to 40 sessions through which you will:

  • Discover new methods for testing and evaluation of sensors and how to create robust sensor systems.
  • Discuss the future of in-cabin applications for sensors.
  • Hear perspectives on assessing ADAS system performance and mitigating the impacts of sensor degradation.
  • Learn about innovative applications of LiDAR and the technical requirements for LiDAR validation and performance assessment.
  • Hear from experts in AI for Autonomous Driving, with respect to dynamic ground truth, self-supervised learning and validating the performance of machine-learning algorithms.
  • Understand the tools and frameworks needed to solve the problems impeding growth in advanced sensor deployment and data processing.

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