AutoSens Detroit

Detroit, Michigan

Event date: May 9, 2023

Autosens Detroit 2023 is a highly anticipated conference focused on the latest advancements in automotive technology, with a particular emphasis on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. The conference is set to take place in Detroit, Michigan, on May 23-25, 2023, and is expected to draw a diverse audience of engineers, researchers, executives, and policymakers from across the automotive industry.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest trends and developments in automotive technology, with a focus on ADAS and autonomous driving. The event will include keynote presentations, technical sessions, and interactive workshops, providing attendees with insights into cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and industry standards.

Autosens Detroit 2023 will feature a range of topics, including sensor technology, imaging systems, machine learning, and testing and validation of ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Attendees can expect to hear from leading experts in the field, who will share their insights and experiences on the latest advancements in the industry. The event also provides an excellent platform for networking, allowing attendees to connect with other professionals and explore potential collaborations and partnerships. Overall, Autosens Detroit 2023 promises to be an informative and engaging event for anyone interested in the future of automotive technology.