Tech.AD Europe 2022 Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Event date: April 4, 2022

We are exhibiting at the Tech.AD Europe on 04 – 05 April 2022 in Berlin & Online!

Tech.AD Europe is the leading international business event directed at engineers and automotive experts focusing on the short-, mid- and long-term technical challenges facing the automotive industry in developing level 4+ autonomous vehicles. Have a look at this year agenda.

Breaking the Fundamental Robust Perception Gaps for ADAS & AV


ADAS and AV platforms require accurate computer vision (CV) in order to deliver safe operation. Unfortunately as seen by recent reports from the US AAA, Tesla at CES2022, and direct experiences from OEMs and Tier 1s, the significant gaps in the practical operating effectiveness in all conditions of the latest ADAS and AV systems deployed are disheartening.

Algolux will present multiple proven best-in-industry approaches that are applied to a) optimize existing vision systems to significantly improve vision performance, b) rearchitect current methods to massively improve CV robustness in harsh conditions, and c) deliver unprecedented robust accuracy of dense depth perception.