Fleet Operations Specialist

Montreal, QC


Algolux is a globally recognized computer vision company addressing the critical issue of safety for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. Our machine-learning tools and embedded AI software products enable existing and new camera designs to achieve industry-leading performance across all driving conditions. Founded on groundbreaking research at the intersection of deep learning, computer vision, and computational imaging, Algolux has been repeatedly recognized at industry and academic conferences and has been named to the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 List of the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence startups.

You will be a key part of a team that is building breakthrough end-to-end perception stacks for driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. We are looking for candidates that are motivated to solve key imaging and computer vision problems that will enable robust robotics and sensing in adverse scenarios in the wild. The technology developed at Algolux is deployed at scale in vehicles and camera solutions.

We believe in interdisciplinary research at Algolux and candidates will be working with a diverse team of imaging, computer vision, optimization, physics, and optics experts.

The Fleet Operations Specialist will “own” the garage and the equipment, assuring its proper working conditions and safety. You will be in charge of the schedule of the different drivers to fulfill the data acquisition requirements of the research and engineering teams.

As a Fleet Operations Specialist, you will be responsible for:

  • Speaking with internal client groups and understanding data collection requirements
    • Understanding sensor configurations that could impact the driving session (sensor position, sensor parameters)
    • Basic computer skills to understand the launching procedure for the driving session
  • Coordinating activities with the drivers (Montreal & Munich Germany)
    • Creating concise task tickets on the planning platform (Jira)
    • Write down clear protocols for the driver to follow
  • Drivers assistance for the driving sessions
    • Monitoring data acquisition progress in real-time during driving
    • Reporting errors with engineering teams in a concise way
  • Assisting engineering teams in building new setups
    • Handling various tools (plier, saw, drill) to mount sensors on the vehicle
  • Vehicles and garage maintenance
    • Periodic inspection of the vehicle sensor configuration to prevent failure
    • Ensuring garage order to make the data acquisition as fluid as possible
    • Coordinating tasks with other team members related to garage and equipment maintenance
    • Proactively suggesting improvements for vehicles and garage features that could improve our data acquisition process


  • Communication skills:
    • Concisely summarize information relative to data acquisition to scientists, engineers, and drivers
    • Ability to communicate clearly even in high tension situations
  • Strong organizational skills:
    • Ability to coordinate limited resources (drivers, cars, equipment) and tasks with special requirements (weather, test track availability)
    • To keep track of the organization tools and update upon request
  • Critical thinking:
    • Proactively propose garage and vehicles improvements that can ameliorate the data acquisition process and safety of the crew and vehicles
    • Identify any unexpected behaviour during data collection
    • Aptitude to debug data acquisition problems both in software and hardware
  • Technical skills:
    • Know how to use common power tools (drills, saw)
    • Understand the difference between DC and AC electrical circuits

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge about the different types of sensors: LiDAR, RADAR, camera, GPS, IMU
  • Basic knowledge of Linux
  • Interest in cars and new technologies