Autonomous Vehicles

Enabling Accurate and Robust Autonomy

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) systems have the capability to understand the environment and directly control the vehicle without the need for active driver control. There are many types of AVs, such as passenger cars, construction machines, buses, and semi trucks, and they ideally need to operate in a wide range of environments.These environments typically have a range of temperatures, lighting, weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, overcast), and geographic differences.

The Algolux Ion platform provides both end-to-end perception software and vision system optimization tools to maximize AV perception performance. Eos perception software is designed to provide more accurate and robust perception across all conditions as compared to current state of the art algorithms, especially in the most harsh conditions an AV needs to operate in. Also, Atlas camera tuning can automate the almost impossible task of tuning cameras for computer vision.

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