Ion Platform

Industry’s First Platform for Autonomous Vision System Design & Implementation

The Ion Platform enables teams to design their vision systems end-to-end, breaking down the silos and development limitations seen with today’s approaches. Through simplified workflows and optimized implementations that cross traditional sub-system boundaries, Ion provides greater flexibility for teams to make design and architectural tradeoffs for optimal system performance.

Eos Deep Learning Technology

Atlas Camera Optimization Suite
Optimizes Any Camera Architectures
Objective IQ
Natural IQ
Computer Vision
Eos Perception Software
Delivers Industry-best Perception Accuracy
Single Camera Perception
Multi Camera Perception
Multi Sensor Fusion
End-to-End Perception

New sensing technologies, advanced processing, and artificial intelligence have led to impressive improvements in perception and imaging capabilities. But these vision systems are increasingly difficult to develop and bring to market due to growing complexity and isolated design approaches. Safety also continues to be compromised in harsh operating environments such as low light, bad weather, dust or clutter. In addition, mandates by industry and government groups, such as Euro NCAP and NHTSA, continue to drive more stringent requirements on these systems.

Ion can be deployed across the different components and processing blocks of the system, including the sensors, perception algorithms, and components such as autonomous planning and control. In doing so, Ion improves traditional system architectures and also empowers radical new designs that are optimized for cost and performance.

  • Increase Vision System Performance: massively improve accuracy and robustness across all operating scenarios
  • Improve System Effectiveness: holistically optimize against key metrics across the system
  • Reduce Risk: minimize component costs, accelerate time-to-revenue, and scale resources


Eos Perception Software

Based on groundbreaking research, Eos is a full end to end perception software stack that improves perception accuracy across all operating conditions. Through a new deep learning approach, Eos delivers improvements in accuracy of more than 30% as compared to today’s computer vision algorithms, especially in the harshest scenarios. This approach also enables perception teams to simplify their architectures, reducing complexity and costs.

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Atlas Camera Optimization Suite

The Atlas camera optimization suite automates today’s painful process of manual camera tuning. Atlas provides product modules that enable end-to-end camera tuning for visual image quality and computer vision. The systems can be optimized for computer vision, objective and natural image quality, high dynamic range (HDR), auto white balance (AWB).

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