The Implicit Values of A Good Hand Shake: Handheld Multi-Frame Neural Depth Refinement (CVPR 2022)

Modern smartphones can continuously stream multi-megapixel RGB images at 60Hz, synchronized with high-quality 3D pose information and low-resolution LiDAR-driven depth estimates. During a snapshot photograph, the natural unsteadiness of the photographer’s hands offers millimeter-scale variation in camera pose, which we can capture along with RGB and depth in a circular buffer. In this work we explore how, from a bundle of these measurements acquired during viewfinding, we can combine dense micro-baseline parallax cues with kilopixel LiDAR depth to distill a high-fidelity depth map. We take a test-time optimization approach and train a coordinate MLP to output photometrically and geometrically consistent depth estimates at the continuous coordinates along the path traced by the photographer’s natural hand shake. With no additional hardware, artificial hand motion, or user interaction beyond the press of a button, our proposed method brings high-resolution depth estimates to point-and-shoot “tabletop” photography — textured objects at close range.


Ilya Chugunov, Yuxuan Zhang, Zhihao Xia, Xuaner Zhang, Jiawen Chen, Felix Heide;

The IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2022

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