Autonomous Mobile Robot Perception Features

Algolux solutions enable the perception system in your autonomous mobile robot to achieve highly robust accuracy while allowing you to scale your resources, accelerate project schedules, and quickly support any sensor or processor architecture.

The Atlas tool suite can be immediately applied to your existing vision systems to improve computer vision accuracy by up to 25% mAP while the Eos perception stack can be embedded in your new designs to deliver up to 3x improvements, especially in difficult low light and poor weather scenarios.


Deploying autonomous mobile robots safely

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are being deployed in a wide range of applications from warehouse sorting to agriculture to security.
These vehicles need to operate across a wide range of environments that may have difficult imaging conditions, whether operated in indoor, outdoor, smoke, haze, and various types of lighting environments, and require robust vision systems to operate safely.
Algolux can maximize your AMR perception performance by providing end-to-end perception software and vision system optimization tools.

Ready to Perceive More Clearly?

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