Our Team

Paul Boucher - VP R&D at Algolux

Paul Boucher, Ph.D.VP Research & Development

Paul is a seasoned executive in software research and development with an academic background in speech recognition and image processing.  

Most recently, beginning in 2007, he managed three global R&D integrations and one divestiture as Oz Communications was acquired by Nokia, then Synchronica and then Myriad Group.

During this time, he headed teams in North America and Asia in software development of mobile device applications and highly available-scalable cloud services, resulting in market leadership in SaaS mobile messaging with tens of millions of users internationally.

Prior to this experience, Paul held senior managerial positions heading R&D organizations at Vantrix, Nuance, and Bell Northern Research. He holds a Ph.D. in Telecommunications from ETS.

You can connect with Paul on LinkedIn.